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Dr. Mike Reynolds, Astronomy Professor and Author (University of Florida, Jacksonville)

reviews the new L-O-A 21 3D Eyepieces for Astronomy Magazine (May Issue, 2016)

New Review in Astronomy Technology Today          Space Walker 8X42 3D Binoculars

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Observing with the new Space Walker 8X42mm 3D Binoculars

and LOA 32mm Plossl Eyepieces in a 13.1 Coulter.

Observers  view through a 20" F/3.3 Do and a 12" Dob with The Denkmeier

Binotron 27 Super System and L-O-A 21mm 3D Eyepieces, and also an

APM 120mm Giant Binocular with L-O-A 32mm 3D Eyepieces at

Chiefland Astronomy Star Party in Florida.


Attendees of NEAF (Northeast Astronomy Forum) express wonder at the

never before seen 3D views while focused on a formerly flat astrophoto 

now seen in 3D using the new L-O-A 21 3D Eyepieces. Also included are

comments from two observers. The first viewing Andromeda Galaxy with

102mm giant achromatic binoculars and LOA21, and the second viewing

through a Coulter 13.1 with a Binotron 27, OCS A45 and LOA 21 3D Eyepieces.


Cherry Springs State Park, Harrisburg Astronomical Society Event.

Observers are blown away by 3D views through an RC design scope.

Two Observers at Black Forest Star Party in Northern Pennsylvania

(Cherry Springs State Park) view the heavens in 3D for the first time

at The Black Forest Star Party in 2016. 80mm SV ED Refractor,

Binotron 27 Super System, and LOA 21 3D Eyepieces.

 This video was taken before we had an Infrared equipped camera.

Only the intro has visual but by all means, listen to the comments

of three veteran deepsky observers as they view M22, M17, and

The Lagoon with a Binotron 27, OCS A45, and LOA 21 3D Eyepieces.



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and real time 3D Visual Astronomy


Amazon Review  10-2018

5 out of 5 stars EXCELLENT binoculars

By Oliver Rock on October 19, 2018

Verified Purchase from

I've been using the Spacewalker 3D's heavily for about four months now. I'm big into amateur astronomy, especially binocular stargazing. I've had the privilige of owning other highly esteemed binoculars, like the Oberwerk 8x40 Mariner, and can say that without a doubt these ones are my go-to. Here's my run down.

The image quality easily matches the best binoculars I've tried, but, unlike the Oberwerks, comes in a significantly lighter package. This gives you much longer viewing sessions and makes them very newbie friendly if you want to introduce a newcomer! So, great optics and lightweight.

The 3D effect is moderate, but it is enchanting, ESPECIALLY during those warm summer nights when the Milky Way is PACKED with stars. It feels like you're suspended in a sea of brilliant little lights.

The 3D effect mirrors make these binoculars less suitable for daytime use. You can see three transparent squares in the left eye, but honestly, I look at daytime targets with them all the time and it hardly bothers me at all, and these are really meant for astronomy.

And finally, they're small enough that you can actually fit them comfortably in the pockets of a decent pair of cargo pants, making it easy for me to bring them ANYWHERE.

-Excellent optics (very bright and sharp stars)

-Moderate but beautiful 3D effect

-3D effect mirrors make these less desirable, but functional, for daytime use.

-Very lightweight!

-Very portable!

So, if you're looking for some great binoculars that make an excellent go-to and enchant beginners you want to share stargazing with, I highly recommend you stop your search here. Clear skies to you!





































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