Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the 3D Astronomy thing?  I mean, is this new?  Don't we see the night sky in 3D through Binoculars and telescopes with Binoviewers for dual eye observing?

A: This all is VERY new. We have NEVER seen stars and deepspace objects like star clusters, nebulae, galaxies, and planetary nebula in 3D. The optical device that creates a 3D view is called LOA (Lederman Optical Array). It was invented by Russ Lederman and is patent pending.


Q: Is a telescope required?

A: No! Amazing 3D views of the night sky can be experienced without a telescope. Our soon to be available Spacer Walker 3D Binoculars allow the night sky to be seen in 3D. You will feel like you are floating in space. Satellites will be seen drifting by IN FRONT of starry fields. The whole sky will appear to have depth and take on an amazing immersive perspective.


Q: Can a telescope be used for 3D viewing?

A: Yes! If you own a telescope, our L-O-A 21 3D Eyepieces will provide intense and breathtaking 3D views of deepsky objects. A binoviewer is required. This allows the L-O-A 21 3D Eyepiece Pair to be used. Denkmeier Optical sells very high quality binoviewers. Other companies also sell binoviewers. Call with any questions!


Q: When will the Space Walker 3D Binoculars be available?

A: We are currently accepting emails for pre-ordering of the Space walkers. Email us here:   In the subject line write: 3D Space Walker Binoculars

In the email body write : Add me to the list. Include name, address, and phone number. We are not collecting deposits. You will be notified when the Space Walkers are ready to ship and you will only then be charged. Introductory price is 299.00 + Shipping.